Using GPS and telematics data combined with our geospatial insights helps our customers to understand and manage their business drivers. From managing shared vehicles to segmenting customer and destination profiles, we enable new mobility and gig companies to save operational expenses and optimize revenue opportunities.

Shared Mobility Driver Behavior.png

Understand Driver Behavior

Identify which drivers are unsafe or are operating out of compliance.

Shared Mobility Fleet Management.png

Optimize Vehicle and Fleet Management

See how individual drivers and placement impact your shared fleet and quickly recover damaged vehicles. Get the most out of each vehicle with analytics on driving behavior, asset health and utilization metrics.

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Know Your Customers

Xaqt’s proprietary Customer Segmentation models create profiles for your customers based on their mobility patterns. Drive new revenue opportunities.

Shared Mobility Regulatory Compliance.png

Manage Regulatory Compliance

Every environment you operate in is different. Ensure compliance to local regulatory authorities and avoid expensive fines and bans.

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