A Layered Approach to AI in the Contact Center

No matter what technology you have in place today, our software empowers organizations to deliver AI driven customer interactions and achieve operational efficiencies previously unheard of.

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Reduce Cost per Call by 60% or more

Fully automate and resolve standard customer service issues over the phone and other channels.

Delight your customers while reducing your cost per call

Speech Analytics Included

Every interaction with a customer or prospect should create data that helps you build a relationship. With IVAn, data from every customer interaction is stored in our Conversations Database, and is immediately available for analysis in our award winning Spectra Intelligence Portal.

Not your average Bot

Xaqt’s IVAs are based on a unique combination of AI technologies that learn from interactions with customers and continuously improve.

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Database duotone

Connect your existing systems and automatically discover the opportunities

Layers duotone

Infuse your tribal knowledge to bring context to interactions

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Design fluent and engaging conversations with your customers

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Integrated insights deliver intelligence for the entire enterprise


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