Many companies are being inundated with calls about their company's services and operations during the COVID-19/Coronavirus outbreak. In many cases, these calls are getting in the way of more urgent caller needs.

The travel and entertainment industries are one such example, where customers may be calling to ask questions about cancellation policies and procedures.

These routine and informational calls may be consuming resources and blocking revenue calls. Despite your company's best effort to handle these questions on you website or through self-service channels like a chatbot, many customers will still pick-up the phone and call.

In years past, informational calls and frequently asked questions were not a target for automation with IVRs because they required advanced natural language processing. Companies tried to solve for this by playing informational recordings as a one-size-fits-all approach but the impact to customer experience is abysmal.

However, with Xaqt's Conversational and Cognitive IVR, we can now begin automating informational calls quickly and efficiently.

Creating your FAQ and Knowledge Base

If you have a knowledge base in place today, such as Zendesk, then this is an excellent place to start.

If not, Xaqt can work with you to develop a high impact knowledge base.

Many company's policies are changing regularly as a result of Coronavirus. Xaqt's Conversational IVR is always kept up to date with the most frequent information you provide so that you adapt to the rapidly evolving situation.