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Multiexperience and Customer Analytics Platform for Contact Centers

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Better Insights, Better Outcomes

Spectra is the most advanced contact center analytics platform ever built. Using AI and Machine learning at every part of the process, customer experience organizations can now realize the benefits of unprecedented insights and ease of use.

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BI with an IQ

Spectra is the simple to use dashboard and analytics portal integrated throughout our AI Suite. It can be deployed as a stand alone business intelligence solution for your day-to-day operational needs, or serve as the foundation for your Digital Transformation Journey.

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Interaction Analytics and Sentiment

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Powerful Visualizations

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Business Intelligence

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Quality and Performance Insights

Conversational Insights

Spectra integrates with Xaqt's Prism and Discern to analyze every interaction, providing:

Product Feedback
Customer Sentiment
Call Summaries

AI-driven analytics

Optimize customer journeys, employee performance and operational efficiencies with real time insights.

Speed up response times to critical issues
Augment agent coaching and QA
Automated discovery of actionable insights

Data as the Platform

MX Insights is build on a turnkey data mart that integrates with any Contact Center environment. Get better reporting and analytics on day one.


IVA Performance

Provides visibility and insights Intelligent Virtual Agent’s performance and key metrics.

Unified Data Plane for AI Infrastructure

Unified Data Plane for AI Infrastructure

Open by Design

Open by Design

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Integrated Intelligence

Spectra's insights and dashboards can be embedded throughout the enterprise and even into your own applications.

Immediate Impact

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