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Capture, distribute & adopt organizational knowledge for Agents and IVAs

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AI Powered Knowledge Management

KnowledgeFlow is a knowledge management solution specifically designed for contact centers. It gives agents an internet-like search tool that allows them to easily access relevant information when they need it, so they can quickly resolve customer issues.

Xaqt KnowledgeFlow offers speed and convenience for managing and retrieving knowledge that is scattered in different locations. This means that agents don't have to spend time sifting through lengthy knowledge base articles – they can simply access easy-to-consume answers that quickly solve customer queries.

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KnowledgeFlow uses test driven learning. Unlike traditional e-learning, people don’t have to read a presentation or watch a video first. They receive immediate feedback through interactive prompts.

Maximize the impact of organizational knowledge

Business improvement through employee training

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Reduce training costs

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Decrease employee onboarding time

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Improve access to knowledge & retention

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Focus your knowledge management efforts

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Provide Consistent Quality Support

KnowledgeFlow empowers internal knowledge management teams to capture and orchestrate organizational information and processes, providing agents with the knowledge they need to succeed empowering tools like Xaqt’s IVAn to resolve customer issues faster.

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On the Fly Learning

KnowledgeFlow offers a truly mobile e-learning solution. This makes it easy for employees to learn anywhere and at any time.

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Embed Contextual Knowledge Anywhere

Whether it's an agent in the call center or a customer seeking information in your mobile app, having access to up-to-date and contextual information is critical to customer success. Now up-to-date and contextual information can be accessed from anywhere, on any device.


Knowledge Analytics

Knowledge + Action = Power

With KnowledgeFlow Analytics, we put the power of insights all in one place. Visually see what knowledge assets are having an impact in your business, in real-time.



Capture the invaluable expertise that resides in your organisation



Structure knowledge in formats aligned with your key processes



Give employees, customers and IVAs access to the answers they need whenever & wherever they are



Drive and track staff growth using continuous learning & automated testing

Unified Knowledge ecosystem


Connect to the Enterprise

Connect KnowledgeFlow to your existing systems and information sources. This could be Salesforce Communities, Zendesk, Sharepoint, websites, or bespoke files and documents.


Open APIs

KnowledgeFlow works as a headless Knowledge Management Platform. Which means that you can access knowledge assets from anywhere in the enterprise and from any application by using our open APIs.


Integrated AI

Our AI indexes your content and automatically understands context, making it immediately available to your agents, customer and IVAs.


Intelligent Search

KnowledgeFlow includes a cognitive search engine that understands the domain language and context to bring personalized and humanized results through multi-turn conversations.

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