AI Powered Agent Assistant and Real-Time Guidance.

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Deliver Modern and Engaging Experiences

Give Your Agents AI Superpowers

Give your agents the ability to handle more conversations, reducing operational costs, decreasing average customer hold time, and improving your ability to handle peak traffic efficiently.

Improve CX and EX

Guide recommends phrases used by high-performing agents to improve the quality and consistency of customer experience.

Agents are suggested knowledge base content from either Xaqt's KnowledgeFlow or other Knowledge Bases, to solve a customer’s issue, reducing customer wait time and providing more accurate information to customers.

Improve CSAT with quicker response time using Suggested Replies and fast answers to customer inquiries drawn from Xaqt KnowledgeFlow.

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Deliver Modern and Engaging Experiences

AI Guided Experiences

Automate custom interactions with personalised content and routing. Gets Smarter and Improves with each Interaction

Deliver Modern and Engaging Experiences

Omnichannel Guides

Xaqt's Agent Assistants support agents no matter what communication channel they're on. That means voice, SMS, chat, and Business Messaging.

A personal Coach for every Agent

Impact on Day One

Intelligent Day One, and gets smarter with each customer interaction.

Conversational Automation

Automate repititive work processes to create operational effeciencies.

Works in any Contact Center Environment

Prebuilt integrations to the technology you already have means no business disruption and accelerated deployment times.

A Blueprint for each call

Ensure Agents say the right thing, every time with automated checklists and conversational scripting.

Analyze Everything

One Transcript, multiple use cases, that provide

Product Feedback
Customer Sentiment
Call Summaries

Automated Performance Assurance

Ensure agents are consistent, compliant, and courteous with every customer interaction.

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