Struggling with Cisco's Unified Intelligence Center and Reporting? Xaqt's Cognitive Insights Portal is the most transformative Call Center Intelligence platform ever. Discover new insights into your call center, agent performance and customer experience.

Cisco's Contact Center Enterprise and Express databases contain extensive detail and interval data about activities at the Cisco IVR (Customer Voice Portal or IP-IVR), agent and call activity as well as information about chat and email activities in the contact center.

The data is available through Cisco Unified Intelligence Center, which is a Cisco's standard web-based reporting and dashboard tool. This product originated in 2007 when Cisco acquired Latigent, a provider of call center business intelligence and analytics. Chris Crosby, Xaqt's founder and CEO was also the founder and CEO of Latigent and has twenty years of experience in contact center analytics and Cisco Call Centers. The current versions of Cisco Unified Intelligence Center has several constraints and its core architecture is outdated.

Xaqt's Cognitive Insights Portal was built specifically for contact center data visualization and machine learning on call center data. We put your data to work for you so that you can make the best informed decisions in real-time.

Call Center Data warehouse to eliminate silos and enable machine learning

Cisco Unified Intelligence Center allows you to report on third-party databases, but it is not meant to be a replacement for more advanced products like Xaqt's Cognitive Insights Portal, nor does CUIC natively support combining call center enterprise data with your other call center applications into unified views or dashboards.

The foundation of creating a robust call center performance management or analytics environment is to start with a purpose built data lake where you can store data from your various call center systems.

Xaqt's Cognitive Insights Platform for Contact Centers platform provides a cloud based and fully managed data warehouse. We have prebuilt data-connectors for Cisco Contact Center Enterprise and Express as well as your other tools, such as workforce management and CRM.

We start by establishing a supported connection to your Cisco call center database for both historical and real-time reporting. As data is imported, it is mapped to our open and normalized data schema for access by business intelligence tools, such as: Xaqt Cognitive Insights Portal, Microsoft Power BI or Tableau.

Visualization and Insights

All too often, dashboards are where good data goes to die. To encourage your team to use reports and dashboards, they must be compelling and provide the right insights to enable decision making.

Our team of contact center veterans has years of experience in running call centers of shapes and sizes. We've hand selected the a set of insights and visuals to get you started so that within a matter of minutes you'll begin seeing your call center in a new light.

Additionally, Xaqt's Cognitive Contact Center and Insights portal provides the ability to build your own custom charts and dashboards using our library of 43 different chart types. You can even define role-based reports to that people only access the information that they have permission to see.

Beyond the Dashboard

By establishing a cloud based data warehouse, you open-up the possibility to extend your customer and call center data throughout the enterprise as well as develop machine learning models and Artificial Intelligence on your Cisco Call Center Data.

Xaqt's team of call center data scientists have developed several predictive models already, or we can partner with you to develop analytics specific to your unique business needs and requirements.

On day one you'll have access to Xaqt's artificial intelligence for contact center forecasting and call volume prediction, as well as our AI staffing models. Each of these alone will improve your workforce management forecasts and staffing models leading to reduced staffing requirements and improved customer experience.

Cognitive Automation

As you build-up your newly cerated insights, you're going to want to take action on them. This is where Xaqt's Cognitive Automation platform comes in play. By connecting your call center applications and systems with our workflow engine, we can automate repetitive and manually intensive tasks. This will improve operational efficiency and improve your bottom line. For example, you might want to automatically notify employees when call volume is unexpectedly high and you need volunteers to come into work.

Cognitive Engagement

With Insights and Automation in place, you've laid the groundwork to engage you customers through conversational AI and voice automation. All data from Xaqt's Cognitive Voice Automation suite flows back into the data warehouse for advanced reporting and analytics.