Xaqt’s cloud-based virtual agents leverage conversational AI to automate interactions that live agents handle today. Our approach is to start with voice interactions because that’s where the biggest Return on Investment and impact is for our customers.

  • Works with what you have: Our cloud-based solution easily integrates with any contact center and uses natural language understanding to enhance customer experience.
  • Quick to Deploy: Q&A agents and Intelligent Routing applications can often be deployed within 10 days. Transactional based applications that require systems integration can be deployed in just 4-8 weeks.
  • No Capital Investment or Infrastructure Required: Nominal one-time setup fee that includes the customization of the application specific to your needs.
  • Low Risk, Start Small & Scale: We can start with just one call type, or multiple.
  • Reduce Cost per Call by 85%: Predictable, all-inclusive, usage pricing model.
  • Customer Experience: Reduce wait times and let agents focus on high value calls.
  • Collaborative Training and Optimization: Xaqt’s Dedicated team of voice interaction and AI experts work with your team to continuously train and tune the applications.
  • Performance Monitoring: Uses Xaqt’s award winning Analytics and Dashboard product to monitor performance and impact in real-time.

How It Works with Your Existing Call Center

Conversational AI and Digital Automation

The benefits of Advanced Speech Recognition (ASR) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) in contact centers are hardly new. The ability to automate customer voice interactions using technology rather than human labor creates both cost savings for an organization as well as provides superior experiences to customers. Until recently, deploying these technologies was cost prohibitive for most companies. It typically required on-premise servers, expensive software licenses and custom integration services that could takes months. The monolithic approach meant a large upfront capital expenditure and did not lend itself to rapid development or iteration.

The timeframe to realize a Return on Investment (ROI) in that model is often years.The advent of cloud-based contact center technologies with Voice Over IP, coupled with new machine learning tools and the ability to rapidly integrate business systems with APIs put the benefits of Conversational IVRs within reach of any organization. Instead of acquiring an on premise IVR, you can now deploy purpose built Conversational applications in the cloud. These can range in scope and complexity from handling a very specific call type, such as booking an appointment, or can serve as a more generalized conversation engine that uses a knowledge base to address a large range of interactions. The key benefits are flexibility and agility.

With Xaqt's Cognitive Voice Automation Portal (CVA), a new conversational application can be developed within a couple of weeks and at a fraction of the cost of the previous approach. Now your organization can adopt a truly agile methodology for building, testing and deploying new customer interactions. The Return on Investment is almost immediate and continuous.Once an application is developed, the ongoing costs are based on usage, and are usually priced per minute or per successfully completed call. That means when call volume is low, you're not paying for idle capacity and when volume is high, the platform scales dynamically to meet demand without having to add more equipment or licensing. CVA runs as a fully managed service, so you can focus on your business and not worry about maintaining the underlying technology or infrastructure.

Xaqt takes advantage of best in breed tools for VOIP, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to deliver a superior class of service. As technology advances and new innovations come to market, they are rapidly integrated to deploy new functionality or further reduce costs.

The Business Case

Xaqt customers typically realize a 90% cost reduction on a per-call basis by implementing CVA. Additionally, by automating repetitive calls, agents are freed-up to focus on higher value interactions with your customers. The elastic scale of CVA can also absorb the often "spikiness" of call volume. This means you will no longer have to staff to peak volumes only to be left overstaffed during lower volume periods.

Starting Smart with an Agile Approach

We believe in starting simple, demonstrating success, and scaling the learnings across customer touch-points. CVA makes it easy to get started. Xaqt's team of conversational user experience experts will work with you to identity calls that are well suited for voice automation. Typically, we'll start with one or two simple call types that have enough call volume to realize immediate results for your contact center and customers.The evaluation process will include an inventory of any existing knowledge bases, customer support platforms, and business applications that require integration. This could include, Salesforce.com, ServiceNow, Zendesk, or other back office systems.Concurrently, we'll partner to design the call flows and customer experience to optimize for success.

Performance Monitoring and Continuous Improvement

CVA includes Xaqt’s award winning analytics and dashboard engine making it easy to monitor and measure real time and historical performance of the IVR.Additionally, call recordings and transcripts are generated so that failures can be analyzed, and improved. This means your conversational applications are continually tuned and improved.