Xaqt’s Conversational Experience Analytics (CXA) provide visibility and insights into any bot’s or Intelligent Virtual Agent’s performance and key metrics. CXA comes standard with all of Xaqt's Conversational-AI applications and Conversational Service Automation platform. It also integrates integrates with Google DialogueFlow, Amazon Lex, Twilio Autopilot, IBM Watson, and Microsoft Bot Framework to providing you with newfound insights into any bot or Intelligent Virtual Agent.

Conversational Experience Analytics (CXA)

CXA works as a module for Xaqt's award winning Cognitive Insights Portal and is the most advanced Conversational and Bot Analytics suite available in the market today. With CXA, you are no longer have to worry about how to access bot data on your customers. You're in control. As in full control.CXA frees your data from the grips of complex platforms and puts it in the hands of your business. Leveraging the power of Xaqt's Cognitive Insights Portal, CXA provides a rich set of enterprise class Business Intelligence features right out-of-the-box. With Xaqt's Multiexperience Analytics Edition, you are able to integrate 3rd party data, such as that from your CRM or ACD to get the full picture of your Customer Experience and Contact Center Performance. 

As CXA works across any digital channel and any bot framework, you can now have one consolidated dashboard for all of your Bots, no matter where they're built.


Most bot platforms work as a blackbox and make it difficult to measure their actual performance. You wouldn't put an agent on the phone to handle customer interactions without the ability to measure their performance, why would you trust a bot to handle customer interactions without measuring its performance?


Every interaction with a customer or prospect should create data that helps you build a relationship. With CXA, data from every customer interaction is stored in Conversations Database, and is immediately available for analysis in Cognitive Insights Portal.CXA also works hand-in-hand with Xaqt's Conversational Service Automation platform and can push customer data to your CRM or Customer Data Platform.


Let's face it. Even the best of bots sometimes fail. With most Conversational AI platforms, it's nearly impossible to discern where bots fail or a customer interaction needs to escalate to a live agent. CXA takes the mystery out of bot failures and success and makes it easy to identify these exceptions. With CXA's Exception reporting and dashboards, you have instant visibility into customer needs that are not being met by your bot. 


Every conversation transcript is stored along with the interaction details to provide the complete picture of your customer's journey.


At the core of Conversational Analytics, is a purpose built data mart designed to answer any question you have about your Customer Experience or Bot Performance. CXA solves the problem of getting data out of complex and propriety platforms and makes it simple to understand and access. In fact, you can connect to Conversations data mart from your any Business Intelligence engine or by using our GraphQL API.Even if you have bots running on different platforms, Conversations Data mart brings them all together into one place for analysis.