Xaqt’s Conversational Automation platform is among the most advanced AI platforms for production-quality conversational applications. It is the only Conversational Platform that is truly agnostic and portable across any telephony or cloud environment.

  • Conversational Automation: For companies that want to reduce call center expenses, retain customers, and improve employee productivity.
  • Proactive: Improve Customer Experience with more proactive and effective interactions, including deflecting voice calls to digital channels such as SMS and Chat.
  • ROI: Realize ROI faster because we go live in three weeks or less. Then, build on it as we enhance and tune the system.
  • Provide 24/7 access to conversational self-service: Answer your customers’ questions immediately and deliver exceptional customer service whenever they need it.

Automate custom interactions with personalized content and routing.Gets Smarter and Improves with each Interaction

Conversational AI

Scales on demandIncludes product enhancements, QA, tuning, Support, and maintenance $0 Capital Expenditure  and no technical expertise required

Cloud Managed

Enable customer interactions across any digital channel, with support for phone, SMS and chat on day-one. Build once, deploy anywhere.


Intelligent Day One, and gets smarter with each customer interaction. Improves Speech Recognition Accuracy by 20%

Deep Learning and Context Models

A Rapid Response Virtual Agent can deflect or screen calls that do not need human assistance. By automating information and routine calls, you free-up your live agents to handle the more complex support or sales interactions.Get started quickly with Xaqt’s templates and tailor as needed.

Rapid Response Agents

Leverage your existing telephony, cloud environment or ours.Pre-built Integrations and deployment options.

Works in any Contact Center Environment

Replace complex IVR prompts with Conversational RoutingGet callers to the best agent or queueImprove Customer Experience

Intelligent Routing

Start small and iterateLow Risk and Rapid Deployments