Chatbots can improve customer service by automating customer interactions on your website that would otherwise need to be handled by a live agent. Chatbots can also improve Service Levels, reduce Call Abandon Rates and reduce your call center costs by deflecting calls into the contact center.

Chatbots entered the contact center scene with much fanfare. Seen as a way to reduce call center costs and provide customers with real-time access to information at their fingertips, chatbots quickly sprang into the spotlight.

When well designed and implemented, the opportunity for chatbots to improve customer service is huge. To realize the full potential of your chatbot, it's important to know what types of customer interactions are well suited for automation and which ones are not.

Here are a few of the Key Benefits to Implementing an Intelligent ChatBot

  • Reduce Calls into the Contact Center - Customers that can quickly access information on a company's website won't need to call for support.
  • Provide faster support - Even companies that already have live agent chat can improve customer support by not making a customer wait to chat with an agent. Intelligent Chatbots respond instantaneously to customer needs.
  • Improve Service Levels - As customers move to self-service on your website, your service levels in the call center will also improve.
  • Reduce Call Abandons - If you are experiencing high abandon rates in your call center, then a chatbot is an excellent way to handle customer interactions rather than making customers wait in queue for an agent.
  • Reduce Cost-per-Call and Reduce Support Costs- Automated interactions cost 90% less, on average, than having the call handled by a live agent.

Chatbots for Agent Support Reduces Average Handle Time

Chatbots are also an excellent tool to support agents. For example, they can make navigating a complex knowledge base or multiple systems easy. If agents can find the information they're looking for faster, then it will reduce their average handle time.

The opportunities to implement chatbot technology in your contact center are really limitless. Feel free to schedule a call with one of our team members to see where a chatbot can help you improve your customer service.