In January of 2022, we closed on the acquisition of and all of its assets. KnowledgeFlow was a Knowledge Management and Micro-learning platform based in Belgium.

At the time, we decided not to issue any flashy announcements or Press Releases. Rather, we chose to first integrate the platform into our existing technology and demonstrate the results to our customers.

The premise behind the acquisition was simple. Agents, whether of the human kind or AI based, need access to knowledge. And lots of it.

The problem is, knowledge is spread out everywhere. From the tribal knowledge people keep in their heads to technical manuals, shared drives, web portals, such as Zendesk and SFDC, and even printed materials in the cubicles. Additionally, none of these knowledge sources are structured in a way to actually be useful to agents, or provide an elegant way to integrate with conversational AI applications, such as chatbots and Intelligent Virtual Agents.

Requiring agents to access disparate knowledge sources leads to unnecessarily long handle times and a degradation in Customer Experience as callers wait for the agent to locate the information they need.

The other challenge we saw is that emerging Conversational AI companies either build their "bots" as customer facing IVAs or Agent Assistants, which leads to additional duplication in systems and infrastructure.

The core reason for that is a lack of structured Knowledge. Most "bots" on the market try to extract an answer to the question from unstructured documents, or use intelligent search to link out to the underlying source. These produce FAQ type knowledge bases, which is fine, except that they typically lack context or multimedia assets that can further support the agent or customer.

Given this, we saw the opportunity for a unified Knowledge Graph for all stakeholders in CX. KnowledgeFlow now provides that.

Scaling Knowledge and Know-How

Since integrating KnowledgeFlow with IVAn, our Intelligent Virtual Agent, it has become one of the most successful products we've brought to market.

Its quick to deploy and easy for end-users to build their own Knowledge Assets. Furthermore, the Q&A Module easily integrates with Conversational Interfaces (aka, bots and Intelligent Virtual Agents)

Knowledge Sheet

The impact is staggering as we've been able to dramatically reduce Agent Handle Time and thus lower staffing requirements. It also makes more effective IVAs, thus reducing the amount of interactions that require a live agent to begin with it.

Best of all, agents love it due to its ease of use and lightening fast responses.

KnowledgeFlow is now Generally Available and can be purchased as a standalone or part of our AI platform.