Wether you're a utility, an internet provider or other service provider, when an outage occurs, you likely experience a huge call volume spike into your call center from customers reporting the outage and wanting to know when their service will be restored. Most contact centers either can't handle the sudden call volume, which results in poor customer experience, or they find existing IVR solutions expensive and cost prohibitive. Xaqt's hosted Cognitive IVR allows you to automate voice interactions as well as send proactive notifications to customers on a moments notice, at a fraction of the price of existing IVRs or by handling the call with an agent. Using Xaqt's Cognitive Voice Automation and Customer Engagement Suite, your customers can report outages and receive updates 24 hours-a-day/seven days a week by using:

  • SMS (text)
  • Chat on your website
  • Email
  • Phone through our hosted IVR

Prevent Calls with Proactive Outreach

The best anecdote to high call volume is to prevent customers from needing to call you. With Xaqt's Customer Engagement tools, you can automatically notify customers of an outage and when service is expected to be restored. Customers can set their contact preference and you can easily customize the interactions.

Instant Scale for Automating Voice Interactions

Xaqt's Cognitive Voice Automation Suite instantly scales from one concurrent call to thousands without the need to provision hardware or expensive resources.

Hosted IVR Pricing

With Xaqt's Cognitive IVR and Customer Engagement platform, pricing is simple, affordable and usually half the expense that you're incurring today.

  • Nominal one time set-up time fee
  • No monthly minimum charges, pay only for what you use
  • Pay either a low per minute fee or per automated response (SMS, chat, email)

Be prepared for when an outage strikes, and set-up your hosted Cognitive IVR and Outage Response System today.