AI powered Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVA) require a large amount of training data to be effective from the onset, as well as ongoing Quality Assurance and Training. For example, the language individuals use to ask a question often varies across domains and regions.

Xaqt's QAi module solves for this challenge by providing a Quality Assurance and Performance Management dashboard to monitor bot performance as well as identify where the IVA requires additional training. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are provided an easy to use interface to quickly spot training gaps and provide the required training data to improve the efficacy of the IVA.

Xaqt's AI employs a Human-in-the-Loop, or Human Assisted Ai, philosophy and workflow throughout our Intelligent Virtual Agents and Ai platform. QAi includes the ability to manage and tune the IVA right from within the review portal. SMEs are presented a full transcript of historical IVA interactions and can quickly isolate the issue, annotate the transcript, and retrain the IVA with just a few clicks.

Xaqt's QAi product is a powerful, yet easy-to-use tool to power up intelligent conversations with customers. It is a new AI-powered application that enables organizations to build realistic, Intelligent Virtual Agents from real call center data.

QAi helps organizations to scale the automated, intelligent conversation capabilities of their contact center. It helps create and train the Intelligent Virtual Agents to have natural conversations that delight customers and deploy them quickly. It does this by allowing managers to capture and analyze actual customer conversations, and use that information to train the Intelligent Virtual Agents.

QAi processes the data in real time, enabling organizations to continuously learn and improve their IVAs. It can scale easily to any number of customer interactions, and is deeply customizable, enabling organizations to create virtual agents that can speak multiple languages, or offer specialized services.

Xaqt's Intelligent Virtual Agents are powered by our own AI-based Natural Language Processing technology. This technology dramatically reduces the effort required to build and train intelligent virtual agents.Guest Connect is 100% web based and mobile friendly, which means your team can now support guests from anywhere, including while working from home.