Xaqt is a premiere Service Integration and technology partner for Twilio platform and Twilio Flex.Whether you have 10 Agents or 10,000, Xaqt is your partner for new contact center deployments or migrating your existing call center to Twilio. Our team has extensive experience in the design and implementation of AI driven omnichannel experiences that seamlessly integrate voice, text messaging, chat, and any digital channel by leveraging the power of Twilio’s platform and Xaqt’s AI solutions.

Our team offers unparalleled contact center experience to accelerate innovation.

  • Twilio Flex Implementation and integration services
  • Intelligent Virtual Agents (Cognitive IVR, SMS self-service, chatbots)
  • Multichannel Customer Experiences
  • Designing and Launching New Contact Centers from scratch
  • Contact Center Migration to the cloud and Twilio Flex
  • Contact Center Data Science and Dashboards

Contact Center Migrations

Migrating from your on-premise ACD to Twilio doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. Xaqt has the tools and services for data and analytics consolidation and turnkey integrations into your existing call center applications (WFM, QA, CRM).

Contactless and Adaptive Interactions

COVID-19 has forced organizations to adapt how they deliver customer experiences. With change comes opportunities to create new touch-points and value added customer journeys.

Cognitive IVR and CX Automation

Xaqt's Conversational Service Automation platform, built on Twilio, can deliver virtualized IVRs and Omnichannel-AI self-service that reduces your operating cost and delivers exceptional customer experience.

When To Call Us

  • You need to launch a new Contact Center from scratch
  • You are considering migrating from Cisco or Avaya (or other) to Twilio Flex or have already selected Twilio Flex as your Contact Center Platform
  • You need an IVR with Voice Automation or Natural Language Routing
  • You have multiple contact center sites and are considering virtual queueing and routing with Twilio
  • You need Conversational AI, chatbots, or an SMS IVR or Bot
  • You need better Twilio Flex Reporting and Analytics
  • You want to your customers to experience the power of Omnichannel-AI or Video Collaboration