Twilio Flex is a robust and flexible cloud-based call center platform. Built on the Twilio's Programmable Voice and Messaging APIs, Twilio Flex provides full control over most aspects of your contact center. However, Twilio Flex lacks critical reporting and dashboard functionality that most contact centers require. Xaqt's Cognitive Insights Platform for the Contact Center addresses this gap and provides call centers with a robust dashboard and analytics engine.

The Challenge with Twilio Flex Reporting and Insights

Call Centers rely on real-time and historical reporting at every level of the organization. Twilio Flex's Insights portal makes it difficult to create the reports and dashboards you need to run your business.

For call centers that are migrating from another platform, such as Cisco UCCX or Avaya, the Twilio Flex environment can initially be confusing. You're likely wondering where your Skill Group or Agent Team reports are located (they don't exist). Additionally, "Task Queues" and "Workers" are going to be new concepts. The good news is that these are incredibly and flexible features once you understand them.

A few challenges for Twilio Flex users include:

  • Complex new concepts, such as Tasks and Workers
  • There is no relational data warehouse or data lake to access the underlying report data
  • There are no report templates that mirror your current call center environment
  • Some data, such as that for Skill Groups, have to be reconstructed from complex API calls
  • A lack of real-time monitoring reports for queues and skill groups
  • The historical insights and dashboards aren't all that useful
  • Customization of supervisor desktop or insights requires a developer or skills most contact center users don't have.

Enhanced Call Center Reporting for Twilio Flex

Xaqt's Twilio Flex Reporting Portal addresses each of these issues and more. We provide the following key functionality:

  • A web-based dashboard and reporting platform purpose built for the contact center with familiar features and concepts
  • Customizable report templates and blueprints
  • Cloud based and fully managed data warehouse that's accessible by third party SQL tools
  • Data model and layouts that resemble your existing environment
  • Real Time Reports that give you visibility into the performance of your call center, agents and customer experience.
  • Ad hoc reporting and report scheduling
  • Personalize dashboards and views for you team
  • Call Detail Data storage and exploration
  • Agent Performance Reporting
  • Historical Reports made easy with intervals for 15 min, 30 min, and daily reporting.
  • Collaboration features for Work at Home teams
  • Role based views and data governance.
  • Personal Insights and Dashboards
  • Alerting

Advanced Features include:

  • Ability to add any data source, such as workforce management, QA or CRM
  • Insights can then be embedded in the Twilio Agent Desktop or other web-based applications.
  • Deep Analytics into Agent Performance and Customer Experience
  • Call Volume Forecasting
  • Contact Center Data-Science-as-a-Service

Xaqt's Call Center Optimization team can have you up and running with Twilio Flex reporting in a matter of minutes.

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Sample Twilio Flex Report List

Contact Detail (Task Detail)

  • Repeat Caller Analysis
  • Agent Call Detail
  • Contact Summary Detail
  • Contact History Detail

Agent & Workers

  • Agent Real Time
  • Agent Interval
  • Agent Login/Logout
  • Agent Skill Group Real Time
  • Agent Skill Group Interval
  • Agent Skill Group Membership
  • Agent Queue Interval

Skill Group

  • Skill Group Real Time
  • Skill Group Interval
  • Skill Group Assignment

Queues (Task Queues)

  • Queue Real Time
  • Queue Interval
  • Queue Skill Group Real Time
  • Queue Skill Group Interval

Conversations (messages)

  • Call Transcripts (where available)
  • SMS Transcripts
  • Omni-channel Conversation History

Configuration Reports

A key part of managing a Twilio Flex lacks some simple reports, like

  • Dialed Numbers
  • Skills
  • Queue Mapping and Assignments
  • Agent and Worker Attributes
  • Custom Calculations