Xaqt Announces Cognitive Voice Automation Portal

Conversational AI meets Robotic Process Automation for Digital Transformation

For Immediate Release

Chicago, IL - Xaqt, Inc. today announced the launch of its new Cognitive Voice Automation Portal (CVA). The new solution combines cutting edge Conversational AI with Business Process Automation and Connected Data Intelligence to deliver a fully hosted and managed call center automation platform.

CVA automates conversations that are traditionally handled by live agents today. It was designed for companies and organizations that want to provide exceptional customer experience and reduce their operating costs. Built on Xaqt's award winning analytics and decision automation platform, CVA leverages recent breakthroughs in natural language understanding to provide truly conversational and contextual voice interactions with your customers.

"CVA is, perhaps, the world's smartest and most capable natural language voice response platform. Our team has been able to solve for the key challenges in delivering contextual customer interactions", said Chris Crosby, CEO of Xaqt, further adding, "It's really quite game changing."

The new Voice Portal is part of Xaqt's existing Cognitive Automation platform. By adding natural voice interaction capabilities, Cognitive Automation can have an immediate impact and Return on Investment for contact centers of any size. Xaqt's Cognitive Voice Portal and Applications can save 85% of the cost of live agents.

Cognitive Voice Automation Portal can scale from one call type with 50 calls per day up to hundreds of thousands of calls per day across the entire enterprise. Specialized Voice Applications are developed in a collaborative, co-creation method with Xaqt customers and partners.

Key benefits of CVA include:

  • It works with whatever phone system the customer has in place today.
  • Quick to Deploy- Many applications can be deployed within a few days, while complex call types can be deployed in just 4-8 weeks.
  • No Capital Investment or new infrastructure is required. There is a nominal  setup fee that includes the customization of the application specific to your needs.
  • Reduce Cost per Call by 85% with an all-inclusive, usage pricing model (per minute or per interaction).
  • Low Risk, Start Small & Scale - start with just one call type, or multiple.
  • Collaborative Training and Optimization- Xaqt’s Dedicated team of voice interaction and AI experts work with your team to continuously train and tune the applications.
  • Performance Monitoring- Uses Xaqt’s award winning Analytics and Visualization product to monitor performance and customer experience intelligence in real-time.

Additionally, by making use of Xaqt's Context Engine, CVA can query machine learning models in real-time to personalize and tailor each interaction to the individual caller's needs.

By starting with the underlying data and systems integration, Xaqt builds the knowledge base and touch-points that the Voice Portal needs to interact with. This way, it's smart day one and improves with each interaction.

For Information Contact:Chris Crosby - chris@xaqt.com , (312) 285-0301