Digital technologies make smart cities more livable, sustainable and prosperous.

Your city relies on a complex web of systems and services to survive. As independent experts, we understand how technology can be used to help cities thrive.

Xaqt sees smart cities as one of the tools for urban development, with people at the heart of the process. We advise policy makers, executives, city departments, developers, and industry on defining how much to invest and how much value they can get from being ‘smart’.

Xaqt Metrograph

Our MetroGraph platform adopts and promotes open standards, frameworks and SDKs that bring new innovation to cities. MetroGraph is a modular platform that handles all aspects of connecting a city's data, from ingestion through analytics and visualization. 



  • MetroGraph integrates across multiple sources of data, bringing together disparate information into a unified quantitative analysis environment. 
  • By building a platform that is interoperable across cities, we create a new double sided network for both cities to consume and developers to distribute applications. MetroGraph will thus become a real-time data pipeline for the planet, with the ability for anyone to plug into the common interface and architecture.
  • MetroGraph's interactive user interface brings abstractions to life in the form of rich visualizations. The visualizations update in real-time with the source data, so the users always see the most accurate and current information at any given time.
  • Our platform is designed from the ground up to be extensible at every layer. From low-level data integration, custom metrics, to building custom user interfaces to implement specific workflows, it has been built as a fundamentally open system.