Xaqt's Call Center reporting and analytics suite for Twilio and Twilio Flex provide you a full picture of your contact center's performance and operations. Dashboards include both real-time and historical views. As a premiere Twilio Partner, our team can help you design and build Insanely Simple Insights for Contact Centers built on Twilio Flex.

Turnkey Insights and Analytics for Twilio Flex

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Xaqt’s Cognitive Insights Portal is a modern, enterprise-ready business intelligence web application with purpose built analytics to get more out of your Contact Center Data. This includes turnkey insights and report templates along with powerful self-service capabilities that enable your business users to explore the data most relevant to them. 100% browser based and cloud hosted, there is no software or hardware to install. Real-Time and Historical Reporting Views and Dashboards.Integrates directly with your Twilio Flex instance.

Use our out of the box templates, or create your own.

Key Features- A rich set of data visualization types- An easy-to-use interface for exploring and visualizing data- Create and share dashboards- Enterprise-ready authentication with integration with major authentication providers (database, OpenID, LDAP and OAuth)- An extensible, high-granularity security/permission model allowing intricate rules on who can access individual features and the dataset- A simple semantic layer, allowing users to control how data sources are displayed in the by defining which fields should show up in which drop-down and which aggregation and function metrics are made available to the user

47 Different Visualization Options…and we’re just getting started.


Contact Center data can be sensitive and create potential privacy issues. Cognitive Insights Portal provides multiple methods for data anonymization and aggregation that allow you to share mission critical information with each department based on their role.Admins can even specify data access by user at the data type and row level based on your internal data governance policies. Role Based Views and DashboardsYour marketing team’s needs are different than fleet logistics. Our unique role based permission management and turnkey models quench the thirst of the data hungry, no matter which department they sit in.